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Recipe of Fresh Turmeric & Ginger Pickle | How to Make Fresh Turmeric & Ginger Pickle

Unknown | Monday, November 24, 2014 |
Fresh turmeric & ginger pickle
Many of you might not have heard of this fresh pickle made in Gujarati households. Fresh Turmeric & Ginger Pickle is very easy and simple to make and also very healthy. 

Indian Pickles generally contain a lot of spices, oil and salt. But this is one pickle which does not have any spices or oil. Fresh turmeric and ginger pickle is just made with chopped turmeric root & ginger and adding salt and lemon juice.

We use fresh turmeric root and ginger in our kitchen because it has a lot of health benefits.  They both belong to same family and both have the same creepy look. In India fresh turmeric is mostly available during the winters.

Ginger and Turmeric Pickle is made a lot at my in law's home, however my mom makes ginger and mango pickle as my brother and sister don't like the taste of turmeric roots.

Turmeric root has a lot of valuable medical properties and  is a good healing agent. These same turmeric are boiled and sun dried to make a fine yellowish powder popularly known as turmeric powder. It is widely used in all Indian kitchens, especially in curries.

Ginger is also widely used in Indian kitchen in many forms. Like ginger paste, ginger powder(called soonth), chopped ginger etc. We use ginger in juice, curries, and now a days even dips & desserts. The best and well known use of ginger is in tea. Ginger tea is perfect for cold & cough.

My grand mother in law loves this pickle however she cannot chew the turmeric roots and ginger. So specially for her we grate the turmeric roots and ginger, add lemon juice and serve her. She just loves the taste of it :)

While turmeric roots and ginger are good for our health they must be consumed in small proportions as both of them can increase body heat. This is also one of the reasons why this pickle is consumed mostly during winters.

Ginger and Turmeric Pickle tastes best with any regular Indian home food.

So lets proceed step by step for making fresh turmeric & ginger pickle

Take nice and fresh turmeric roots & ginger.

Soak both of them in water for few minutes. This will remove the extra mud from it. And will also help in keeping the pickle for a longer time.

Peal the skin and cut them into small circles or chop them finely.

Again wash them in running water. I always prefer washing again because while peeling the skin some amount of mud from it sticks inside.

Now in a bowl or jar add chopped turmeric & ginger. Add some salt and lemon juice and mix well.

While the pickle tastes best when made fresh it will not spoil for 2 weeks. We generally consume it within 2 days. Add enough salt & lemon juice and store it in refrigerator.

Fresh Turmeric & Ginger pickle is ready. Serve it with regular home cooked food. 

Fresh turmeric & ginger pickle
The below ingredients will make a bowl of pickle. Which can last for 3-4 days.

A healthy, fresh Indian pickle without oil and spices
By Vama
PREP TIME:15 Minutes COOK TIME:0 Minutes TOTAL TIME:15 Minutes

  • 25 grams Turmeric Roots
  • 25 grams Ginger Roots
  • 1/2 tablespoon Salt
  • 3-4 tablespoon Lemon Juice
Fresh turmeric & ginger pickle
  1. Take nice and fresh turmeric roots & ginger
  2. Soak both of them in water for few minutes
  3. Peal them cut into small circles or chop them finely
  4. Again wash them in running water
  5. Now in a bowl or jar add chopped turmeric & ginger. Add some and lemon juice and salt. 
  6. Mix well. Fresh Turmeric & Ginger pickle is ready. Serve it with regular home cooked food


1 Do not use a white color chopping board or napkin/kitchen towel. Turmeric roots leave a strong yellow color stains.
2 Always wear gloves while chopping. Turmeric will make your nails and hands also yellow.
3 If you want to store it longer than a month add oil. It can stay up till 6 months but shake the jar every few days. Always store in refrigerator.

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